How to metro Detroiters feel about the price of stamps increasing by 5 cents?

Posted at 7:36 AM, Jul 05, 2024

(WXYZ) — Beginning July 14, postal stamps will cost you more. Right now, the cost of a first-class mail Forever Stamp is 68 cents, but the price will soon go up to 73 cents.

That matches the largest increase ever, and stocking up now could save you money.

A pack of 20 Forever Stamps will cost $1 more than it does now when the price increase takes effect. There are many people chiming in, and we're listening to what you're saying.

"I feel like they just increased not too long ago too," one person told us.

From sending a letter to paying a bill or sending wedding invitations, peole are still using stamps.

"We have a total of 190 invitations," Taylor Roberts, from Grosse Pointe said.

Roberts is mailing out her wedding invitations, and needed a whole bunch of stamps.

"A lot of stamps, three for the outside per invitation and one for the return envelope so four total per invitation," she said.

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That's $2.72 per invitation for Roberts at the current price of 68 cents per stamp.

A lot of people are still using the mail to send letters and pay those bills.

I spoke with Tammy Lahlum, the manager of the post office contract station in Grosse Pointe, to see if people have been coming in to stock up.

"Yes, a lot of people have been coming in because of the price increase and they're going to save five cents per stamp," Lahlum said.

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People are voicing their opinions on the increase and are buying before the price goes up.

"Since I run a non-profit Full Circle in Grosse Pointe, we do a lot of mailing don't we guys? We send a lot of stuff here. I mean hundreds, 500 at a time and that really hurts our non-profit," Mary said.

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"I am old school. I still write lots of letters. I stay in touch with family and friends and I need to stock up on my stamps before the price goes sky high," Susan Vishey said.

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Stamp Collector Simpton Vangampelaere said he has a stockpile and isn't too worried.

"I can start using all my stamps that's in the collection. I have the Forever Stamps going back 20 years, so worse come to worse, I'll start going into the collection and start using them," he said.

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Roberts said she plans on stocking up before she has to mail something.

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