Hundreds sounded off on the new Hollywood-style Detroit sign. Reactions were mixed

Posted at 7:15 AM, Apr 10, 2024

(WXYZ) — The new Hollywood-style Detroit sign that was set along highways in the city for the NFL Draft was installed on Tuesday. The sign, with 8-foot letters, was placed along I-94.

See what the sign looks like in the video below

New Hollywood-style Detroit sign installed along I-94 ahead of NFL Draft

When we originally posted the rendering, it got hundreds of comments with mixed reaction, and needless to say, the real sign is also garnering mixed reactions.

Hear what people thought about the rendering below.

Detroiters sound off on the Hollywood-style sign coming to freeways ahead of the NFL Draft

Our post on Facebook got more than 600 comments. Below are some of the most popular.

Jay Daniels: "That's so tacky!"

Bob Wohlfeil: "I loved the big tire, better.."

Judy Dorrell: "It looks great just drove by it today."

Deborah Leigh: "Kinda feel like we didn't need that, but...ok."

Lindsey Green: "They definitely could've picked a better font."

Brian De Leo: "Love it! Needs something behind it.'

Clinton Delp: "Not too sure. Unless it changes colors at night, a complete bust. Who knows. Not overwhelming so far."

Elaine Johnson: "I think it looks great, too."

Kimberly Stankiewicz: "This is a completely eyesore."

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