Metro Detroit moms share what they really want for Mother's Day

Posted at 6:27 AM, May 10, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-10 06:27:02-04

(WXYZ) — We are just two days away from Mother's Day, and when it comes to mom, we all want to find the perfect gift.

Sometimes it's jewelry, or maybe candy and flowers. But what we think might be the right gift may not be what she really wants.

We sent 7 News Detroit Photojournalist Mike Glover on a mission to find out what metro Detroit moms say would be the perfect Mother's Day gift.

"I would love my kids to remember it. That's the first step," Laura Raitt, a mother of two said.

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"Quiet. I get to sleep in. Not do much, and I take the mental load off," Allison Smith, a mother of two, added.

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"The best gift I can get as a mother is for these children to continue to be good citizens, for them not to bring problem in my life. That is my best mother's day," Prisca Omyejiaka a mother of four, said.

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"My son made me a little star action movie. He made a little heart and it was going across the screen. It was super cute," another mother told us.

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"Just seeing everybody together, seeing the kids running wild, wishing they calm down," Milly, a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother said.

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"We are so busy for Mother's day. We have a lot of arrangements to make. Then we do walk-in bouquets. We have all these flowers. We've got a cooler full of flowers," they said.

"What I would do is steal my neighbor's roses and bring them to my mother for Mother's Day," Milly said.

"Enjoy the moment because it goes very fast. My sons are 22 and 26 and I can remember when they were like two."

"You don't know when you're in the moment, but it's, I miss it so much. Treasure the moments with the little ones," Raitt said.

"On a mother's day, she will call immediately or I will call her. I just want to hear your voice, that glorious voice. She said that was a blessing in her life. She died three years ago. She was the best mother," Omyejiaka said.

"Spending time with me. They're teenagers. That's it. That's my answer. Spending time with me," Raitt said.

"I just feel very, very lucky. I've lived this long to see the family grow and prosper," Milly said.

It's not about things and what you do. It's just spending time with your family enjoying, you know, the gifts that we have and get to raise," Smith said.

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