Metro Detroiters of all ages tell us what their favorite part of Easter is

Posted at 7:08 AM, Mar 29, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-29 07:08:42-04

(WXYZ) — Easter is on Sunday and we know many people in metro Detroit will be celebrating on Sunday, whether it's going to church or enjoying an Easter egg hunt with the kids.

I went out and spoke to metro Detroiters to learn about their plans and what Easter means to them.

For some people, like Xavier Ellis and his family, the holiday starts with taking pictures with the Easter Bunny. They went to Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi to get the picture.

“What’s your plans for Easter this year?” I asked Ellis.

"So she’s going to do an Easter egg hunt, we’re going to dye eggs and then she’s going to go to church with her grandma," Ellis said.

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For Rylinn German, her favorite part was "the Easter basket."

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While some people will be celebrating with hunts, candy and baskets, others have different plans.

“For Easter, my husband and I are going to be going to the Elite 8 in Detroit and this one will be hanging out with grandma," Nicole Scott, from Farmington, said.

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“We’re celebrating with our family, everybody over for dinner, and we’re going to play games which we’re very excited about," Linn Halton said.

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“What’s your plans for Easter?” I asked Trent Chapman.

“Going to be in Chicago celebrating my stepson’s 13th birthday," Chapman said.

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Over at First United Methodist Church in Downtown Farmington, a big celebration will be taking place there on Sunday.

“It’s really energizing to see the community gather for worship to sing and to celebrate together," Rev. Bea Fraser-Soots said.

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“Easter is a wonderful celebration of life and renewal and Spring time and love," Halton said.

“Just seeing the kids have fun, it’s really about the kids. Adults have their own type of meaning but it’s all about the kids at the end of the day, as long as they have a good time, that’s all that matters," Ellis said.

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