The 'No Buy' pledge is on the rise. Here's what Metro Detroiters are willing to give up to save money

Posted at 6:38 AM, Jun 05, 2024

(WXYZ) — A new trend called 'no buy' pledge is on the rise. Folks are trying to better manage their budget by cutting back on a certain non-essential product or service for a set period of time.

So I asked people what they are willing to give up for the pledge.

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Andrew Goralczyk, 27 from Grosse Pointe, works in Downtown Detroit

"My big pledge would be to stop gambling for 2024, that would be the best bet for me," said Andrew, Goralcyzk a 27-year-old Grosse Pointe native.

The pun was very much intended. I asked Andrew if he was a big gambler, and how much he's lost.

"I do enjoy gambling," Andrew said. "I wold like to phrase it as how much money I have won."

Andrew made the pledge to not gamble for the rest of the summer, even going as far as deleting apps that make it easier to gamble off of his phone during the interview.

"I'm going put it on the record right here," Andrew said. "3 months, so we are going to September 4th, let's get it. You see me in a casino, you get me out of there."

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Cameron Dutton, 25 from Berkely, works in Downtown Detroit

When we brought up the trend to 25-year-old Berkley native Cameron Dutton, he said he had already been working towards saving.

"It's actually funny you bring it up," Cameron said. "Earlier in the year, I actually committed to not buy alcohol, so I could cut spending, and actually, out money towards passion project like golf."

Cameron has also been spending a lot of money on coffee recently, so he said he may utilize the No Buy pledge on those beverages.

"Everything adds up in the long term," Cameron said. "My coffee machine broke. So, I’ve being getting coffee out a lot. So, I would invest in a coffeemaker. And stop spending it for cold brew."

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Ealesa Martin, 40 from Farmington Hills, works in Downtown Detroit

I also asked Ealesa Martin, who works in the financial industry, if the No Buy pledge is something she can get behind.

"In my mind, for sure," she told us. "That's a good way to form some god saving habits."

She's even going to participate in the pledge herself. So what's she going to commit to not buying?

"Clothing," Ealesa said. "I don't need extra clothes, I'm not going to buy clothes for a month."

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Jessica Stanley, 35 from Beverly Hills, works in Downtown Detroit

When we told Jessica Stanley, a 35-year-old Beverly Hills resident, about the pledge, she thought it was a great idea, telling us she spends 'probably a $1000' on eating out monthly.

"The easiest thing for me to pledge would be not to eat out at restaurants for three months," Jessica said

And the hardest thing?

"Probably cutting back on vacations," Jessica said.

One difficult thing about Jessica's pledge is that she told us she's going to London in July, but she told us when she comes back, she's going to pick the pledge right back up.

"Yes, I'm in," she said.

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