'Times have changed.' How metro Detroiters feel about the Tigers HR celebration, Red Wings patch

Posted at 7:03 AM, Apr 04, 2024

(WXYZ) — The Detroit Tigers are sitting at 4-0 right now, but the team's hot start isn't the only thing that has fans talking.

If you've watched the team, you've probably seen their new home run celebration. The person who hits the homer grabs a spear with a couple pizzas on it, just like the Little Caesars logo.

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After the Detroit Red Wings added a patch on their sweaters earlier this season, the Tigers celebration has fans talking.

We went out and spoke to fans about the celebration and the patch, to see if it's fun, or a bit too corporate.

"I see him with the, with the three pizza pies on the stick going through the dug out down there. I thought it's kinda cool," Mary Palmore said.

Mary Palmore.png

"Oh, it's cool. You know, it's just something," David Edgar said to us.

David Edgar.png

"I mean, I don't see nothing wrong with that. It's kind of funny. Whatever gets them going and happy," Paul Clay said.

Paul Clay.png

"I would say it's a little entertaining, and I guess that's the purpose of it along with trying to advertise for the Little Caesars," Tom Grisson said. "Yeah, 30 years ago you would never see something like that."

Tom Grissom Rafael Diaz.png

"It's the business, so, if it makes sense, business wise. It is a part of the business of Detroit," Dorian Pierce said.

Dorian Pierce.png

"Time has changed, that's all there is," Rafael Diaz said.

We also got peoples' opinions on the patch that went on the Detroit Red Wings sweater last year. It was blowing up on social media for weeks after the patch was added and the Red Wings went on a losing streak.

"Keep it to a minimum. You know, you don't want it too big, you don't want it bigger than the wing, that's for sure," Edgar said.

"I don't think that's a good look. Not the jerseys. No, no, no, no," Palmore said.

"It's space, you know, so it's, it's space for advertisement there. You're utilizing that free space, you know, after a home run there's space to promote, and that's a good business sense, in my opinion," Pierce said.

"Only if it comes with a home run and if it leads to a winning game and so far they've done all right, haven't they?" Grissom said.

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