'Useless, annoying, archaic.' Here's how metro Detroiters feel about the Daylight Saving Time change

Posted at 6:00 AM, Mar 11, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-11 14:09:33-04

(WXYZ) — We're now the second day into Daylight Saving Time, and while we're getting later sunsets, people are still adjusting to the time change.

We went out on the streets of metro Detroit to see how they're feeling about the change once again.

We asked people to give us one word to describe Daylight Saving Time. Here are some of the words they used: "Useless." "Annoying." "Longer." "Light." "Archaic."

"You know, it's nice when you gain an hour. I feel like it's nice in the long run, but just that day after sucks," Otis Dickenson told us. "I feel like I usually don't really need to change a whole lot. I feel like I'm generally pretty adaptive like that, but it is, you can, you feel it, you always feel it."

Otis Dickenson.png

"Especially when it goes forward, you know, like, like we will have here. You definitely feel that you lost something that you lost an hour, so to speak, you know. As a child, I didn't feel it as much, but now that I'm older, you know, you feel it," Frank Hamann said.

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WATCH: More metro Detroiters weigh in on Daylight Saving Time:

How metro Detroiters are feeling about springing forward for Daylight Saving Time

"Well, for me in this industry, like you were, you know, everybody wants to come in on the weekend and then, you know, we're working so hard and then, you know, you're just exhausted," Anna Lengyel said. "I wish we could sleep in. But in this industry you don't really get to."

Anna Lengyel.png

"I already don't get enough sleep as is, so what's one more hour?" Lucia Ruiz said.

"Having a full day of being able to do outdoor things. It makes life so much better for me," Robert Ruiz said.

Lucia and Robert Ruiz.png

We're here early enough to where it doesn't matter, you know, being a coffee shop we open at 7 a.m. So it's dark when we get here and it's, I mean, in the winter it's dark when you get here and it's dark when you leave," Reggie Wessel said.

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