What's on the menu for Fourth of July?

Posted at 6:15 AM, Jul 02, 2024

DETROIT (WXYZ) — As Metro Detroiters prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July, they're headed to grocery stores to stock up on food and heat up the grill from parks to backyards.

Cookout favorites range from burgers, ribs, hot dogs and homemade potato salad, and you can't forget about ice cream for dessert.

I went out to ask Detroiters what's on their menu for this upcoming Independence Day.

Along the Detroit River, three friends were enjoying some morning fishing, but I showed up to ask them about their Fourth of July menu.

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 5.51.45 AM.png
Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 5.38.17 AM.png
Glenn Norris, Detroiter

"We are going to start off with traditional BBQ ribs, beef hot dogs, gotta be beef hot dogs, and don't forget about the beef patties too," said Glenn Norris

And when it comes to sides?

"Grandma has to make the potato salad, no one else can make the potato salad," Norris said. "They'll mess it up you know."

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 5.38.55 AM.png
Kevin, Detroiter

It turned into a debate with his friend Kevin, who suggested bratwurst were a side.

"That isn't a side," Norris said. "Sides are macaroni & cheese."

But soon, they were on the same page.

"We're going to say Macaroni and cheese, potato salad, baked beans, you have to have the baked beans with the ground beef, sweet baked beans," they agreed on.

Then on the West Side, the smoker was going.

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 5.39.34 AM.png
Porache Thomas, Manager, Uptown BBQ

Uptown BBQ cooking up a feast. Manager Porache Thomas is on the smoker, cooking up several racks of ribs.

"Out of curiosity, the Fourth of July is coming up, are people coming in and stocking up," I asked.

"Yes, they are," Thomas said. "Pretty much. For sure, we are going to sell out of all the ribs. We got BBQ chicken, macaroni & cheese, greens and everything."

And in Southfield, I met up with Tod McNealy, who was just loading up his car.

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 5.40.03 AM.png
Tod McNealy

"What is your favorite thing to eat during the Fourth of July?" I asked.

"To be honest, hot dogs kinda burnt, but not too burnt," McNealy sad. "Baked beans, gotta have the baked beans. A little Mac & Cheese with that and I'm good, but being selfish, get a couple of steaks on the side."

And back to Glenn and Kevin, the debate rehashes on Dessert.

"Somebody has to make a nice Peach Cobbler," Kevin said.

"You know what I like, but some people really don't? Sweet Potato pie," Kevin said. "I like that...I'm outvoted."

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