VIDEO: James and Jennifer Crumbley sentenced to 10-15 years in Oxford High School shooting

James and Jennifer Crumbley
Posted at 12:38 PM, Apr 09, 2024

(WXYZ) — James and Jennifer Crumbley, the parents of the Oxford High School shooter, were each sentenced to 10-15 years in prison on Tuesday with credit of just over two years for time served.

Oakland County Judge Cheryl Matthews sentenced James and Jennifer months after both were convicted on four counts of involuntary manslaughter related to the shooting.

VIDEO: Watch the judge deliver the sentencing for the Crumbley parents

Judge sentences James & Jennifer Crumbley to 10-15 years in prison in Oxford High School shooting

Their son opened fire at Oxford High School on Nov. 30, 2021, killing four students – Tate Myre, Hana St. Juliana, Madisyn Baldwin and Justin Shilling – and injuring six other students and a teacher.

Updated photos: Oxford victims
Oxford victims

Victim Impact Statements

Families of the Oxford shooting victims, Madisyn Baldwin, Tate Myre, Hana St. Juliana and Justin Shilling, made impact statements on Tuesday.

First to speak was Madisyn Baldwin's mother, Nicole Beausoleil, who said she keeps thinking about when Jennifer took the stand during her trial and said she wouldn't do anything differently.

"While your son was hearing voices and asking for help, I was helping Madisyn pick out her senior classes," she said.

VIDEO: Watch Madisyn Baldwin's mother give her impact statement

Mother of Madisyn Baldwin gives victim statement at Crumbley's sentencing

"When you texted Ethan 'don’t do it,' I was texting Madisyn 'I love you, please call mom,'" Beausoleil said.

She said that the lack of compassion the parents showed was "outright disgusting."

"You failed as parents," she said.

Mother of Justin Shilling, Jill Soave, also delivered an impact statement.

She said Justin was the best son any mother could ask for.

"This tragedy was completely preventable," said Soave.

She said the facts in the case have been disturbing, adding "you have failed your son and you have failed us all."

VIDEO: Watch Justin Shilling's mother give her impact statement

Mother of Justin Shilling gives victim statement at Crumbley's sentencing

Justin Shilling's father, Craig Shilling, also spoke in court.

"The fact that the victims speaking here today are doing so for the second time in 6 months should speak volumes. This is not normal. Living a life like this is not normal. So how does it affect a normal guy? to be completely honest with you, it remains a rather difficult and uncomfortable question to answer," he said.

VIDEO: Watch Justin Shilling's father give her impact statement

Father of Justin Shilling speaks at James & Jennifer Crumbley's sentencing

Reina St. Juliana, Hana’s sister, and Steve St. Juliana, Hana’s father, made their impact statements as well.

“Hana’s murder has destroyed a large portion of my very soul,” said Hana’s father.

“To me that makes the maximum sentence being 15 years too short. Hana didn’t even have 15 years to live,” said Hana’s sister.

VIDEO: Watch Hana St. Juliana's family impact statements below:

Sister of Hana St. Juliana speaks at sentencing for James and Jennifer Crumbley

Father of Hana St. Juliana speaks at sentencing for James and Jennifer Crumbley

Buck Myre, Tate Myre's father, was the last of the victim families to make an impact statement.

“For our family, it’s not time to celebrate, this tragedy has taken an incredible toll on our family, so our family is not going to give the Crumbley family a second of our time up here,” said Buck Myre.

He said it’s time to turn the focus to Oxford schools in relation to the tragedy.

VIDEO: Watch Tate Myre's father make an impact statement below

Father of Tate Myre speaks at sentencing for James and Jennifer Crumbley

Jennifer Crumbley also made a statement in court after the families spoke.

"The prosecution has tried to mold us into the type of parents society wants to believe are so horrible that only a school or mass shooter could be bred from. This is a very unfair assumption to have. We were good parents, we were the average family," she said.

VIDEO: Watch Jennifer Crumbley give a statement in court

Jennifer Crumbley addresses the court ahead of her sentencing

James Crumbley made a statement after Jennifer.

"My heart is really broken for everybody involved," said James Crumbley.

He added, "I have cried for you and the loss of your children more times than I can count. I know your pain and loss will never go away. Part of you will be missing forever. But please know that I am truly very sorry. I am sorry for your loss as a result of what my son did. I cannot express how much I wish that I had known what was going on with him or what was going to happen, because I absolutely would have done a lot of things differently."

VIDEO: Watch James Crumbley give a statement in court

James Crumbley speaks ahead of his sentencing connected to Oxford High School shooting

James was found guilty in March and Jennifer was found guilty in February, and after James' verdict, Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald spoke for the first time about the cases.

"This verdict does not bring back their children, but it does mark a moment of accountability and will hopefully be another step to address and end and prevent gun violence," she said.

Prosecutor McDonald added, "These parents could have prevented these shootings...with basic, reasonable, ordinary care."

Hear from Karen McDonald following the sentencing

Karen McDonald speaks to the media after James and Jennifer Crumbley's sentencing

McDonald took an unprecedented step and charged the parents in connection to the shooting. The trials have received national attention with legal experts discussing how future school shooting cases are handled by prosecutors.

Following the sentencing today, she said, "Feeling bad is natural and we don't dispute that they feel bad. That's not what's important to victims of crime and it's an essential part of our criminal justice system. The sentence should be fashioned in a proportional way, but what they want and need most of all is a remorse, which means acknowledgment of the wrongdoing and some sort of reconciliation apology for that and that didn't come. So, I'll leave the Crumbleys to their own statements and I agree it's disappointing."

Throughout the trials, the court heard testimony from police detectives, school officials, victims in the shooting, and more.

The shooter pleaded guilty to the murders of his four classmates and was sentenced in December. He is appealing his life sentence.