Video shows encounter with Detroit police, woman alleging assault

Posted at 10:21 PM, Aug 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-09 23:15:39-04

DETROIT (WXYZ) — A violent encounter with Detroit police left a woman badly injured over the weekend.

7 Action News was told officers were sent to a block party on Sunday around 2 a.m. on the city's west side.

The woman says they were trying to clear people out and that's when she says she was attacked and pushed around.

"That's when all the chaos broke out and the guy (officer), he punched me," said Ashlee Sims, the alleged victim, "I had fallen to the ground, but when I fell to the ground, I just hurried up and grabbed my phone because it was crazy to me and I knew I had to record it."

Sims says police were directing the crowd one way, but her car was parked in the opposite direction. She tried walking toward the car and says that's when a male officer socked her in the mouth. Sims says she was trying to tell officers that one of their own had hit her and get the man's badge number.

In a cell phone video of the incident, you see Sims fall to the ground. She claims she was pushed.

"I couldn't get up, but I didn't know my pelvis was fractured, you know," said Sims, "I just knew I couldn't really move and that's when the lady officer pushed me over."

In the video, the officer is yelling, "Get her up" and is seen forcefully rolling Sims over and pushing her down the street.

"She's going to push me over like that — that was wrong. That is so bold, like I'm so scared of the police," said Sims, "Like if I see them, I am going the other way because like they're crazy."

The Detroit Police Department says per their policy, they reach out to the parties involved in the situation and opened an investigation immediately.

Sims' mother said she went to the 10th precinct to file a report but was initially stiff-armed. They're both calling for accountability

"I didn't deserve that they assaulted me for no reason and I was unarmed. I wasn't doing nothing to nobody," said Sims "I did not hurt nobody and they need to go to jail. They need to be arrested and charged for what they did."

Doctors told Sims she'll need to be in a wheelchair for the next two months. She has four stitches in her mouth, but she's glad it wasn't worse.

"I am Black, you know. I got more chance of dying than a regular person like they will kill me and know it will get brushed under the rug," said Sims.

She says she's staying strong and won't stop until justice is served.

"The fact that I made it out alive like I'm going to be the one," said Sims, "What they did was wrong, especially that lady because I was begging you for help."

DPD says they have has officially launched an internal investigation. One officer is on desk duty and his gun was taken away. All the other officers who were there are being investigated.

Sims has retained attorney Todd Perkins and she says she plans to press charges on each officer who assaulted her.

The investigation is ongoing at the moment. None of the officers are facing charges.