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RFK Jr. apologizes to Kennedy family for Super Bowl ad he promoted

Some members of the Kennedy family have distanced themselves from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his presidential bid.
RFK Jr. apologizes to Kennedy family for Super Bowl ad he promoted
Posted at 1:09 PM, Feb 12, 2024

Super Bowl viewers might have seen an advertisement backing independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. which emulated an ad from his uncle John F. Kennedy's 1960 presidential campaign. 

The spot was produced by super PAC American Values 2024. Due to federal campaign rules, candidates are not allowed to coordinate with super PACs for spots like the one that aired during the Super Bowl.

But that did not stop Kennedy from promoting the advertisement on his X account during the Super Bowl. He also pinned the post, making it the first post someone sees when going to his X account. 

Kennedy also used the Super Bowl spot to request campaign contributions. 

As he's promoting the spot, he is also apologizing for it. 

"I'm so sorry if the Super Bowl advertisement caused anyone in my family pain," he wrote on X. "The ad was created and aired by the American Values Super PAC without any involvement or approval from my campaign. FEC rules prohibit Super PACs from consulting with me or my staff."

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Some members of the Kennedy family have attempted to distance themselves from Kennedy Jr. and his presidential bid. 

Among them is his cousin Bobby Shriver. Shriver's mother is Eunice Kennedy Shriver, sister of President John F. Kennedy, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and Sen. Ted Kennedy. 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been a vocal skeptic of vaccines, including COVID-19 shots.

"My cousin’s Super Bowl ad used our uncle’s faces- and my Mother’s. She would be appalled by his deadly health care views. Respect for science, vaccines, & health care equity were in her DNA," he wrote on X.

Kennedy Jr. originally launched his long-shot bid for the White House running as a Democrat. He has since opted to run as an independent. 

Last week, the Democratic Party filed a grievance with the Federal Election Commission claiming Kennedy improperly coordinated with American Values 2024.

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