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Scripps News Investigates: The shadow market for diet drugs

This week on Scripps News Investigates: a shadow market for diet drugs, outdated tornado sirens and tracking money raised for a children's cemetery.
Scripps News Investigates: Episode 2
Posted at 11:03 PM, Mar 08, 2024

A shadow market for diet drugs

There's a diet-drug craze gripping the country: We've all heard how drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy have quickly become household names, credited with helping patients achieve remarkable weight loss. 

But as demand for these drugs skyrockets, manufacturers have struggled to keep up. Now an explosion of questionable markets is filling the void, and the FDA is warning consumers about the risks that may come with shopping for these alternate drugs online.

Scripps News went to New Orleans to test for itself the shadow market for diet drugs.

Failed tornado warnings

When a killer tornado barreled toward Mississippi last year, it caught the small town of Rolling Fork by surprise. Its residents say they never heard the town's outdoor warning sirens go off.

Even in this age of emergency alerts on our phones, sirens remain a crucial lifeline in thousands of communities across the U.S. But as we discovered, broken and out-of-date sirens are leading more and more to failed warnings.

What happened to burial funds?

The story of a Tennessee Congressman: What happened to thousands of dollars Tennessee Congressman Andy Ogles raised for a children's burial garden? Scripps News investigated after receiving tips from donors who wanted to know where their money went.

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