Aaron Glenn gets straight forward about his defense: 'We'll bite somebody's face off'

Aaron Glenn
Posted at 12:46 PM, Jan 25, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-25 19:24:30-05

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Aaron Glenn has grown to such prominence in the NFL that once again, his name is on the lists for head coaching vacancies across the NFL. While the Detroit Lions continue their way to the NFC Championship game, Glenn has second interviews scheduled with both the Commanders and the Falcons.

After the Lions win against the Buccaneers, Jared Goff ended his press conference with unprompted praise for Glenn. And then again this week, building up to San Francisco, Dan Campbell raved about his defensive coordinator.

"The amount of hours that he grinds on tape to prepare his players, his coaches, but himself for what he thinks is going to come and for where he feels like the game is going to go and what he feels like he needs to call in that time relative to what he believes that coordinator’s going to call is – there’s nobody that works harder," promised Campbell. "There’s nobody. And he’s got great vision for putting a plan together. He understands football very well and when you start talking about his leadership, he’s one of these guys – he’s special. He’s special. He’s got it. His ability to communicate, to relate, to push, to grind, to love, demand, he’s got it all. He’s an outstanding communicator, he’s an outstanding teacher and I mean he just – he is. That’s what I say, I’m fortunate that he’s on staff with me."

Aaron Glenn has never faltered from the identity of his defense. But when asked for one word to describe his Lions team with the NFC Championship ahead, he paused and contemplated the question. He quickly came to the word that surprised nobody in the room: grit. Then Glenn elaborated with another memorable quote to come out of the Allen Park press room.

"We know exactly who we are. Are we the fastest? The most talented? No. But we'll bite somebody's face off when we go play them," Glenn added with a smile. "We'll bite a kneecap, too, if we have to."

The Lions have one of their tallest tasks of the season ahead, on their biggest stage, ever. Glenn called the 49ers offense full of weapons, saying what they do most effectively, is work after the catch. But by the sounds of it, he is confident in his defense to square up against anybody, including San Francisco.