MSU takes on Marquette Sunday after Cooper dunks boost Spartans to round one win

Carson Cooper had back to back dunks in their win against USC
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Posted at 9:20 PM, Mar 17, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-18 14:35:14-04

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Michigan State Spartans take on Marquette at 5:15 p.m. Sunday after the first round win.

Joey Hauser led the way for Michigan State on Friday, but a freshman, Carson Cooper, also took center stage for a bit in the second half. Back to back dunks by him in less than 20 seconds helped push the spartans to a nine point lead and ended up giving them a boost to finish the game with a 72-62 win against USC.

Cooper's dunks boost MSU to round one win

“I think for me being a freshman it’s all about how you come out and start. So I think me being able to come out and contribute early really helped to my success in the game,” said Cooper.

“I’m really proud. I’ve been a big fan of coop ever since he got here. I'm excited for him, I'm happy for him. He's been putting in a lot of time in practice, outside of practice and just to see it come to fruition makes me happy for him," said Malik Hall.

MSU beats USC 72-62

Cooper had just six points in this game but it definitely felt like more because the energy shifted around him and pushed them through the second half. Michigan State had several long runs in the second half of that game, including a 15-3 run that ended up earning them a 72-62 win against No. 10 USC.

MSU fans are pumped up in Columbus after win against USC

The Spartans will now take on No. 2 Marquette in the round of 32 on Sunday at 5:15 p.m. on CBS.

MSU band, cheer team, Sparty traveled down to Columbus for March Madness Thursday