Detroit Lions reveal new uniforms after online leak

Lions jersey 2024.jpg
Posted at 11:26 AM, Apr 18, 2024

After it was initially leaked on social media Thursday morning, the Detroit Lions have revealed their new jerseys, in a video posted to X.

"This chapter will be defined by a sea of Honolulu Blue and Silver," narrates Lions Legend and Hall-of-Fame running back Barry Sanders in the video. "The way it was meant to be. Inside a Ford Field that's bursting at the seams, One Pride shows up."

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"This city is who we are, and what we play for," said Pro Bowl Defensive End Aidan Hutchinson in the video. "It's Detroit versus Everybody, in every stadium, every game, every snap."

You can see photos of the uniforms, taken by Jeff Nguyen, on the Detroit Lions' official website here.

The highly-anticipated Detroit Lions jersey leaked on social media Thursday morning, a few hours before they were set to be revealed on Thursday night at Ford Field.

The jerseys come in three colors: Honolulu Blue, white and the return of a black jersey.

Among the biggest changes is the numbers are returning to block numbers and also have dots in the middle of them, similar to the Lions jerseys of the Barry Sanders era.

The white jerseys feature "Detroit" above the numbers while the black jersey have "Lions." The blue jerseys have nothing above the numbers.

Check out the comparisons below. The old jerseys are on the left and the new ones on the right.

Hutch side by side blue.jpg
Hutch white jersey compare.jpg

On the sleeves, the silver stripes have changed and also the "WCF" patch for former team owner William Clay Ford has been removed.

The Lions tweeted a video at 10:38 a.m. of Alim McNeill in the new jersey saying, "Whoever leaked the uniform video. We appreciate it. We appreciate you ruining all the hard work we put in."

They later tweeted a video of Jared Goff joking that he should take a picture to leak on Twitter.

The Lions last unveiled new uniforms in 2018 and are allowed to re-design their uniforms every five years.

Team President Rod Wood said that the uniform design was a multi-year process, with Brian Facchini and Mike Disner working with both Nike and the league on the design.

Wood also spoke at the Detroit on a panel at the Detroit Economic Club last week with our Brad Galli. He said that he thinks the uniforms will be one of the greats in the NFL.