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World leaders questioning whether Biden could serve another 4 years: Bremmer

The leaders have reportedly noticed President Biden slowing down "significantly" and appearing "less sharp" in their meetings with him.
NATO Summit
Posted at 7:29 PM, Jul 10, 2024

The conversations surrounding whether President Joe Biden should remain in the presidential race are not just happening among Americans.

Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group and president of GZERO Media, told Scripps News that several international leaders at the NATO summit in Washington have expressed concerns about whether President Biden could serve a second term.

"In NATO, these are leaders that like Biden," Bremmer noted on "The Race" with Scripps News' Chance Seales.

He added, "There's not a world leader that I've spoken with this week that believes that President Biden can serve out another four years."

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Without naming names, Bremmer said the leaders have noticed President Biden slowing down "significantly" and appearing "less sharp" in their meetings with him.

President Biden has acknowledged his age publicly, noting after his lackluster debate performance in June that he doesn't "walk as easy" or "speak as smoothly" as he used to.

Things like that appear to be talking points at the NATO Summit. Bremmer said when President Biden awarded NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Tuesday, there was a sense of anxiety in the crowd during the brief ceremony.

"Literally at the moment that, that President Biden had to do the clasp, there's a collective gasp in the audience and everyone, everyone that's watching it there, everyone's watching it from home is suddenly just thinking himself, 'Oh my God, can he do it?'" Bremmer said.

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President Biden ultimately did not appear to have any trouble securing the medal around Stoltenberg's neck, but Bremmer notes those conversations are a distraction from what should be taking place at this summit.

"They should be talking about more support for Ukraine, they should be talking about the additional money that countries around the alliance are spending now, committing to their own defense," he said.

As many Democrats worry about President Biden's election chances, Bremmer said the leaders at the summit "increasingly believe that Trump is going to be the next president."